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 Hope: the goal of every man who seeks the meaning of his life, the purpose of his existence, the meaning of his journey through joys, expectations, efforts and hopes. Hope: a strong and essential virtue, ancient and always in progress. "Hope is a risk to be taken. It is even the risk of risks »observes Georges Bernanos. The transition from black-white to color and the sublimity of the music indicate man's labor: immersed in darkness, at times unable to lift his gaze to the sky, he lets himself be overtaken by time. Only after having descended into the depths of itself, does the noblest of creatures begin to see the light, to glimpse the sun on the horizon, to understand its own existence. We need to set the goal, look at reality with new eyes, those that can only be opened by hoping. It is only there, that the road unfolds, that the process becomes clear, that one realizes the life that is born around, that nature resumes singing, that creation has always been the same as the dead eye, regains vigor, intones new melodies. It is therefore useful to let oneself be taken by the hand by the author, to undertake an introspective process, to reinvigorate one's motivations and to find oneself mixed with hope and herald of the same.

new breath v.a.

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A new era begins, the new rhythms warm up our new paths, to accompany us to a new, fresh and clean place. a sincere place in which every note marks the evolution of our consciences.

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Come! The sound has arrived! Straight, restless, wild and on tiptoe, pungent and precise. Come to his mystical cathedral! Here, you can admire all its different columns. Different because they come from different places ... Deep House, Melodic House e Techno ... three pillars ... three dimensions ... that blend into a style signed by strage soul records. It was brought to light in 2018, with the vision of focusing on the music we believe in. We expand current trends and create new paths on a new musical perspective with a unique sound. A label created with the aim of uniting visionary talents, of putting the soul into play, in modern house music. Every mystical journey arrives at a crossroads, made of choices. The melodies come together, blend in intense emotions, to create intricate and mystical mosaics ... beyond imagination.

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